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July 20, 2022

ABC Nightlife: Is Australia heading into recession?

By Roger Montgomery

Roger joined Philip Clark on ABC Nightlife to discuss recession and inflation. With the costs rising for food, petrol and energy along with interest rates also going up, is the economy about to enter a recession? With the lowest level of unemployment in known memory, are you wondering how can a downturn be imminent?

July 11, 2022

The alternative investment that has outpaced the ASX bull market

By Brett Craig

In this video with LiveWire markets Aura High Yield SME Fund Portfolio Manager Brett Craig introduces you to the fund and explains how it invests across the private debt space in the Australian market. In the five years since inception, the fund has produced consistent monthly positive returns

July 4, 2022

What these top fund managers learnt in 2021/22

By Roger Montgomery

Hans Leee published an article in Livewire where I share what I have learnt after such an unprecedented and remarkable year for markets. Read my thoughts and why I am being patient during this market turmoil.


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