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Archive: November, 2022

November 25, 2022

Qantas profit upgrade; is it a buy or a sell?

By Roger Montgomery

In this interview on Ausbiz Roger discusses Qantas. Qantas upgraded its profit forecast by $150 million for the first half of 2023 and told investors it expects to post up to $1.45 billion in pre-tax profit. So is the airline a great business to own? Trading Qantas shares may indeed be lucrative but what about investing for the long-term?

November 24, 2022

What the private credit boom means for investors

By Roger Montgomery

In this article for Firstlinks Roger discusses the Private credit asset class. Your bank has been lending to SMEs for a century and now they’re pulling back, opening the opportunity for others, previously you had to own bank shares to see some of the returns from SME lending. Private credit funds now provide direct access to this income stream and growing asset class. So what should investors look for?

November 23, 2022

Why you should add Private Credit to your portfolio

By Roger Montgomery

In this interview on Ausbiz Roger covers why Private Credit is a great addition to investors’ portfolios. Private credit is one-way businesses raise capital. Access to finance is essential for SME growth and unlike private equity, where investors contribute funds in exchange for a shareholding in the business, in private credit, investors provide loans and receive interest payments in return.

November 15, 2022

Oil, shares and Australian dollar rally as growth to the rescue

By Roger Montgomery

Vesna Poljak published an article in the Australian Financial Review discussing how US CPI came in at a lower-than-expected annual increase of 7.7 per cent in October, a better outcome than forecast by economists. Vesna draws on Roger’s thoughts on how bull markets tend not to be sustained when rates are still rising.

November 9, 2022

How to be an investor in the ETF and managed fund worlds

By Roger Montgomery

Rod Myer published an article in The New Daily discussing why investing in an ETF is not a magic formula for success. Rod draws on Roger’s thoughts on why you want to be investing in a theme that is unpopular or when investing overall is unpopular.

November 7, 2022

Iron ore tumbles on China woes despite robust outlook

By Sean Sequeira

Lachlan Buur-Jensen published an article in The Inside Investor discussing why iron ore prices have fallen to levels not seen since the onset of the pandemic as global steel demand, particularly from China, begins to waver. Lachlan draws on Sean Sequeira’s thoughts on the longer-term outlook amid increasing inflation pressures and his view on Rio Tinto.

November 4, 2022

Time for a back to basics investing lesson

By Roger Montgomery

In this interview on Ausbiz I discuss how sentiment towards the stock market is forever changing. Growth is slowing globally. Climate change continues to devastate communities, exacerbating energy and food shortages in Europe and across the world. The result is investors being overcautious in their decisions now.

November 3, 2022

ABC Nightlife: Investment lessons

By Roger Montgomery

Roger joined Philip Clark on ABC Nightlife to discuss the factors making investors feel anxious in the current climate. Interest rates will be rising for the foreseeable future and the Reserve Bank of Australia governor, Philip Lowe, said the RBA will not hesitate in making higher increases than predicted if inflation does not begin to drop. Expectations are for the U.S. Federal Reserve to impose another interest rate rise of 0.75 percentage points at their meeting this Wednesday. For investors, Roger and Phil discuss timeless investment lessons learnt over the years, including why sustained market success comes from thinking like the owner of a business.


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