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Archive: February, 2023

February 17, 2023

Ausbiz: How to separate yourself from the market’s distracting noise?

By Roger Montgomery

With an inflation rate of 6.4 per cent, the U.S. economy is still experiencing inflation, making Gold, Real Estate, Commodities and high fixed cost, cyclical producers investments worthy of consideration.  But that inflation rate is coming down.  It’s not uncommon for markets to fall amid fear an ‘event’ might occur and then rally when the event does occur. In my conversation with ausbiz we cover how the U.S. economy is growing, which means we are on the right-hand, ‘boom’, side of the matrix. 

February 10, 2023

ABC The Business: Can the stock market rally continue?

By Roger Montgomery

Roger joined Kathryn Robinson on ABC The Business to discuss current market conditions. With sharemarkets rallying around the world, does this make economic sense and can the rally be sustained? Meanwhile, predictions of recession leave investors in fear about company earnings growth.  
February 8, 2023

ABC Nightlife: Future performance

By Roger Montgomery

Roger joined Philip Clark on ABC Nightlife to discuss whether historical trends and precedents can help guide you in the future. Discussing the issues weighing on financial markets and if there could be a bull market happening this year. In the very worst years, when the market fell between 30-50 per cent, after those years what we find is that the pendulum then swung almost completely the other way.



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