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Montgomery Investment Management is delighted to announce its
second fund in partnership with Aura Group.

Montgomery will offer the Aura Core Income Fund which aims to preserve
capital and provide stable monthly income and portfolio diversification through
exposure to a pool of Australian private debt assets predominantly made up of SME loans. 



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April 23, 2024

Why we think Hub24 is a quality growing company

By Michael Gollagher

The Australian superannuation system is often seen as one of the envies of the world. With assets totalling $3. 7 trillion, our system is the fourth largest in the world and grew by 10 per cent over 2023 from a combination of contributions made to superannuation and underlying investment performance.
March 19, 2024

Pilbara Minerals: the ASX' most shorted stock, yet poised for long-term success? 

By Sean Sequeira

As a low-cost and long-life spodumene producer (spodumene is a raw material used to produce lithium for batteries in your phone, e-bike and electric vehicles (EVs), Pilbara Minerals (ASX:PLS) is one of the highest quality single commodity miners on the ASX. The share price has been punished recently, with the spodumene price falling from over U. S.
March 7, 2024

Interest rates, the best it gets. It' time to deploy cash

By Roger Montgomery

In the ever-changing landscape of financial markets, 2023 defied expectations, with highly anticipated recessions in Australia and the U. S. failing to materialise. But the macroeconomic insights of Gavekal Research, from all the way back to 1978 – that innovative growth stocks with pricing power do well amid disinflation and positive economic growth –, has proven consistently prescient.

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In this section we explore investing basics, common themes and information to help guide your investing journey. 

The information provided is general information only. The information does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. You should consider your own investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs before acting upon any information provided in this document and consider seeking advice from a financial adviser if necessary.
March 27, 2024

Here’s why now is the time for small cap stocks

By Roger Montgomery

  2023 saw the largest gap emerge between large-cap companies and small caps since the GFC. The question is, will this gap to close in 2024?   We are optimistic about Australian small caps, anticipating a highly favourable environment and outperformance. That gap offers greater growth than large caps, at relatively more attractive valuations.
March 22, 2024

U.S. stocks have already jumped 10%. Where are the opportunities for 2024?

By Roger Montgomery

  Have you noticed this year’s improvement in market sentiment? Having intimated its possibility throughout 2023, global equities are now demonstrating a broadly robust rise. Despite economic and geopolitical uncertainty, the Polen Capital Global Growth Fund’s portfolio has also demonstrated striking performance, with expectations for continued success through the cycle.
November 16, 2023

How much to retire comfortably?

By Roger Montgomery

There’s some good news for a handful of the approximately 3000 Australians who retire every week, and some more challenging news for others. But, for all retirees, there are at least partial solutions to consider.
November 9, 2023

Dividends do not make a good company – Part 2

By Roger Montgomery

With annual general meeting (AGM) season underway, what is becoming clear, yet again, is that great managers are good at two things. The first is running the business, the second is allocating capital. Some might be able to run a business, but many managers are incompetent at allocating capital.

Latest Insights

June 7, 2024

Fast food profits 

By Roger Montgomery

I have previously written here that one of the most repeatable ways to make money on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is to buy into a retail store rollout story early.
June 4, 2024

Monetary policy meeting minutes

By Brett Craig

The monthly consumer price index (CPI) indicator released last week reported a 3. 6 per cent increase in the 12 months to April. This follows the 3. 5 per cent increase reported in March. We have seen relative stability in the rate of inflation since December 2023, albeit with slight upticks reported in the past two months.
May 28, 2024

The rise of Telix Pharmaceuticals

By David Buckland

  In this week’s video insight, I discuss the remarkable progress of Telix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:TLX). Over the past ten months, Telix’s share price has seen significant growth, driven by advancements in radiation imaging and therapy technologies. Their flagship product, Illuccix, is gaining traction in the market.

Media Clips

June 18, 2024

Equity Mates: Buy or sell with Gary Rollo    

By Gary Rollo

I joined Adam Keily on the ‘Equity Mates’ podcast to discuss eight small-cap stocks, share my insights on their performance and answer whether I would buy or sell them. In this episode, we delve into the factors influencing each company providing an analysis of their current and future potential.
June 13, 2024

ABC Nightlife – Navigating market trends and Gen Z' influence

By Roger Montgomery

In my latest ABC Nightlife interview, I had the pleasure of joining Dom Knight to delve into the current market landscape and address some of your pressing questions. We explored how Generation Z’s connection through social media have not only transformed their social interactions but also disrupted numerous industries.
June 12, 2024

Ausbiz – it' a good time to invest in innovative small caps

By Roger Montgomery

In my interview this morning with Ausbiz, I discussed the current market environment and my optimism for equities, amid disinflation and modest economic growth. While 2023 saw major gains concentrated in seven large innovators, smaller companies lagged. With interest rates stabilising, now is an opportune time for smaller, innovative companies, I expect this trend to continue until 2026.


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