Minimum initial investment:

Small, intense with huge potential.
We believe in the power of small companies.

Look past the big and obvious, look at the small enterprises.
Then look closely at the leadership. You’ll find opportunities
that are set for expansion. 



Investment Strategy

Montgomery Lucent's investment philosophy is guided by fundamental research and analysis. Small market capitalisation companies are relatively under-researched and when markets misprice securities, this creates investment opportunities. Montgomery Lucent is seeking to build a portfolio of high quality, undervalued small and emerging companies with strong growth potential. We are searching for companies likely to benefit from secular trends, industry change and with substantial competitive advantages.

Why invest?

  • Access to 30 to 50 high quality, undervalued, Australian and NZ small and emerging companies with strong growth potential
  • Small companies have been a rewarding asset class for investment capital over the long term
  • Gives investors access to companies often under-researched by the sell-side brokers
  • The fund invests in the next generation of small and emerging companies that have an exceptional ability to compound in value
  • Investments can be added to or withdrawn daily (on Sydney business days)

Fund Profile

Number of holdings 30-50
Style Growth & Value
Benchmark S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index
Fund fact sheet Download

Investment Manager

Montgomery Lucent, a joint venture between Lucent Capital Partners and Montgomery Investment Management, is the investment manager. Lucent Capital Partners is owned by its founders Gary Rollo and Dominic Rose.

Zenith Fund Awards

We are incredibly pleased to announce the Montgomery Small Companies team have been nominated for Zenith’s Rising StarAward for 2022. This is a great acknowledgment of the investment calibre and track record Gary and Dominic are building.

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Gary Rollo joins Scott Phillips to share insight into the investment philosophy of the Montgomery Small Companies Fund. Gary identifies why they are looking for companies or sectors that are going through change to harness the journey of the business going from small to bigger to big.


Investing in small cap resources – the reopening of China is having a positive impact on the resources sector, specifically copper. The Montgomery Small Companies Fund is currently overweight industrial metals and in this video Gary discusses three stocks and three lithium producers with bright prospects.

Montgomery Small Companies Fund Ratings

The Montgomery Small Companies Fund has been rated Recommended

The Montgomery Small Companies Fund has been rated Recommended


Comparative Returns Since Inception to 30/04/2024 (After all fees)

[["date","Montgomery Small Companies Fund","S&P\/ASX Small Ordinaries Accum. Index"],["20\/09\/2019",100000,100000],["30\/09\/2019",100310,100040],["31\/10\/2019",99630,99538],["30\/11\/2019",100530,101087],["31\/12\/2019",98940,100799],["31\/01\/2020",103180,104201],["29\/02\/2020",94560,95156],["31\/03\/2020",78040,73862],["30\/04\/2020",92080,84404],["31\/05\/2020",102890,93339],["30\/06\/2020",103630,91518],["31\/07\/2020",107950,92794],["31\/08\/2020",118540,99511],["30\/09\/2020",115970,96709],["31\/10\/2020",114720,97150],["30\/11\/2020",121740,107130],["31\/12\/2020",126180,110082],["31\/01\/2021",124820,109804],["28\/02\/2021",130450,111504],["31\/03\/2021",130180,112380],["30\/04\/2021",139770,117976],["31\/05\/2021",142100,118291],["30\/06\/2021",149040,121929],["31\/07\/2021",153338,122764],["31\/08\/2021",163633,128875],["30\/09\/2021",162429,126119],["31\/10\/2021",163221,127277],["30\/11\/2021",163685,126888],["31\/12\/2021",164382,128682],["31\/01\/2022",146358,117106],["28\/02\/2022",137784,117100],["31\/03\/2022",143940,123259],["30\/04\/2022",135577,121412],["31\/05\/2022",127035,112902],["30\/06\/2022",109043,98128],["31\/07\/2022",121479,109347],["31\/08\/2022",122515,109979],["30\/09\/2022",112823,97665],["31\/10\/2022",118835,103973],["30\/11\/2022",123266,109092],["31\/12\/2022",117210,105026],["31\/01\/2023",124566,111911],["28\/02\/2023",122995,107772],["30\/03\/2023",121359,106995],["30\/04\/2023",125519,109968],["31\/05\/2023",120644,106387],["30\/06\/2023",122991,106416],["31\/07\/2023",128259,110186],["31\/08\/2023",134149,108745],["30\/09\/2023",133069,104355],["31\/10\/2023",125522,98667],["30\/11\/2023",130332,105609],["31\/12\/2023",136986,113244],["31\/01\/2024",139101,114259],["29\/02\/2024",144522,116226],["31\/03\/2024",153095,121792],["31\/04\/2024",149627,118062]]

Most Recent Unit Price* SEE HISTORY


*this is a forward pricing fund, the price you receive is based on close of market prices.

Fund Performance

Montgomery Small Companies Fund
S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accum. Index
Out/Under Performance
  Montgomery Small Companies Fund

S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accum. Index

Out/Under Performance
1 month -2.27% -3.06% 0.79%
3 months 7.57% 3.33% 4.24%
6 months  19.20% 19.66% -0.46%
12 months  19.21% 7.36% 11.85%
3 years (p.a.) 2.30% 0.02% 2.28%
Since inception 49.63% 18.06% 31.57%

Compound annual return 

9.13% 3.67% 5.46%

Montgomery Small Companies Fund inception date is 20/09/2019. Performance is net of fees and assumes distributions are reinvested, which is industry standard. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

  Distribution per unit Reinvestment price
June 2023 0.7777 cents $1.1276
June 2022  2.6168 cents  $1.0066
June 2021  7.8912 cents $1.4415
June 2020 0.00 cents  

You should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before deciding to acquire the product.

The issuer of units in Montgomery Small Companies Fund (ARSN 635 229 533) (Fund) is the Fund’s responsible entity Fundhost Limited (ABN 69 092 517 087) (AFSL 233045). The Fund’s investment manager is Montgomery Lucent Investment Management Pty Limited (ABN 58 635 052 176, Authorised Representative No. 001277163). Copies of the PDS and Target Market Definition (TMD) are available to download from this page and at 

An investment in the Fund must be through a valid paper or online application form accompanying the PDS. Before making any decision to make or hold any investment in the Fund you should consider the PDS and TMD in full.

The information provided does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. You should consider your own investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs before acting upon any information provided and consider seeking advice from a financial advisor if necessary.

You should not base an investment decision simply on past performance. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Returns are not guaranteed and so the value of an investment may rise or fall.

Investment Team

To give our clients access to the potential growth small companies offer, Montgomery formed a partnership with a specialist small companies investment team. Gary Rollo and Dominic Rose have a long history of analysing and investing in small companies.

Gary served as an equity analyst for Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan in London, focusing on emerging stocks in the European technology sector. His analytical skills grew from his time in data modelling stealth fighter jet performance, whilst working at the UK’s Defence Evaluation and Research Agency.

Dominic spent his career working with small-cap equities in Australia, first as a broker, then as a lead researcher, then as a portfolio manager. He led Emerging Companies Research at Deutsche Bank and was Head of Research at Fosters Stockbroking.

Gary and Dominic lead the daily management of the Fund.

Meet our people

Gary Rollo

Portfolio Manager
Read Bio +

Dominic Rose

Portfolio Manager
Read Bio +


After accessing the Product Disclosure Statement and reading in full the investment objectives and risks of investing in the Montgomery Small Companies Fund:


Complete the online application form and ID verification online on the Olivia123 platform
(approx. 10 minutes)


Submit the completed application form to the Administrator online


Transfer the funds and an investment confirmation will be issued by the Administrator

For assistance completing the application form, you can speak directly with the Administrator, Fundhost Limited on 02 8223 5400.

If you wish to make an additional investment (top-up) an existing investment in the Montgomery Small Companies Fund, please see the instructions here.


Download the fund information pack or if you would prefer to talk it over, call David Buckland or Toby Roberts on 02 8046 5000 to discuss the Montgomery Small Companies Fund in more detail.

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Why we think Hub24 is a quality growing company

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Why small cap companies are poised for growth in 2024 

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Life360: massive growth potential from the helicopter parent tailwind 

By David Buckland

ASX listed Life360 (ASX:360), a family safety app that allows GPS location sharing is one of the larger and more exciting companies held by the Montgomery Small Companies Fund. In the two business days since Life360 announced its results for the year to 31 December 2023, the share price has jumped 46 per cent from $8. 30 to $12.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is this Fund suitable for me? – Target Market Determination (TMD)

    The Fund has a long-term objective and is suitable for those investors willing to assume high risk while seeking capital growth. Statistically, the major share markets produce a negative investment return, on average, every five years (or less) and investors must take the potential for capital loss into consideration. You can learn more in the Target Market Determination (TMD) here.

  • 2. What is the minimum initial investment?

    A minimum initial investment of $25,000 is required.

    You may also arrange to add to your initial investment through a lump sum additional investment, for which there is a minimum of $5,000, or direct debit monthly savings plan, requiring a minimum investment of $500 per month. This is processed on the 15th of each month or the next business day.

  • 3. What is the investment strategy of the Montgomery Small Companies Fund?

    Montgomery Lucent's investment philosophy is guided by fundamental research and analysis. Small market capitalisation companies are relatively under-researched and when markets misprice securities, this creates investment opportunities.

    Montgomery Lucent is seeking to build a portfolio of 30 to 50 high quality, undervalued small and emerging companies with strong growth potential. We are searching for companies likely to benefit from secular trends, industry change and with substantial competitive advantages.

  • 4. How is the portfolio constructed?

    The Fund’s portfolio is built using our “four buckets approach” consisting mainly of high-quality growth stocks along with stable compounders, complemented by cyclical growth companies and businesses in transition.

    We then use a “lifecycle approach” to sizing the positions depending on whether they are an early stage, emerging, developed or a core investment. This is a long-only portfolio. The Fund is designed to be as agile as the remarkable small companies that it invests in.

  • 5. How often is income paid?

    Any income distributions are paid annually (as at 30 June each year) and can be reinvested in full or paid out entirely to the financial institution account nominated on your application form. We distribute all taxable income to investors each year, including any taxable capital gains. Distributions may also carry imputation or other tax credits. There may be periods when net income could be negative and no distribution is made.

  • 6. Is the Montgomery Small Companies Fund suitable for me?

    Shares in the small capitalisation category can move up and down faster than other asset classes. Small capitalisation companies generally involve more risk because of their lower liquidity, their greater sensitivity to managements’ influence and their greater sensitivity to general economic conditions. For this reason, small cap vehicles like the Montgomery Small Companies Fund is only suitable for long-term investors.

  • 7. Can I invest via a platform?

    The Fund will be available on platforms over time, so please reach out to us for an update. Margin lenders will need to review the fund individually, so please contact your margin lender for an LVR.

  • 8. How can I see my unit balance and investment value online?

    Our administrator, Fundhost, has a portal that investors can access to see their balance and download all statements. Once invested, you will be given registration details.

    Access the Fundhost client log in here

  • 9. How do I increase my holding?

    You can make a form-free additional investment via either BPAY or EFT. Find the full instructions here.

  • 10. How do I redeem my funds?

    To redeem your holding, simply fill out the Redemption Request form and have it signed by the authorised signatories on the account. Please see the manage my investments section.

    If Fundhost are paying to a bank account they have on file, they can accept a faxed or scanned copy of the redemption instruction.

    In normal circumstances, redemptions are processed daily, with funds generally received back to the investor within 2 business days. The cut off to receive your redemption request to receive that days price is 4pm Sydney time. Refer to the PDS for more information.

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