We share a disciplined investment philosophy with our investment managers, selecting them prudently and intentionally for their combination of long-term success, esteemed and established reputation and their ability to deliver on two or more of the fundamental investors needs for safety, income and capital growth.  Above all we acknowledge our primary role is to introduce and deliver superior outcomes for multigenerational investors and their advisers.

Why Choose Montgomery

Montgomery Investment Management brings together a team of revered partners in complimentary asset classes who have the ability to generate superior investment outcomes over the long-term for our clients.

While aiming to preserve your capital, we aim to deliver superior outcomes by investing in focused portfolios of businesses with exceptional prospects.

Relationships are at the heart of Montgomery – relationships with our investment partners and long-lasting relationships with individuals and their families as we grow their wealth.



High quality

The common-sense investment approaches adopted by us and our partners has stood the test of time and prospered in a variety of market conditions.

Our equity managers are bottom-up stock pickers investing in companies the market underappreciates.

High conviction

Each expert teams are specialists managing high conviction portfolios reflecting their assessment of both the value upside and the long-term growth opportunity.

We invest our own money in our fund offerings, ensuring our interests are aligned with our investors.

High flexiblity

We offer exceptional investment education and client communication. We are transparent in sharing our investment process and results, knowing investors must be fully informed at all times and in all conditions.

We are dedicated to being always available to clients and value proactive client service to ensure a seamless investing experience.

Our Private Office

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