Roger Montgomery joined the Fear and Greed podcast to discuss the evolving landscape of private credit and its emergence as a viable investment class.
This deep dive into private credit reveals its potential as a key component in investment portfolios.


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February 9, 2024

ABC The Business: What will reporting season tell us about the economy?

By Roger Montgomery

This week, I joined ABC’s The Business to discuss the anticipated challenges and strategies for Corporate Australia during the upcoming reporting season. Focusing on the banking sector, I particularly highlight Commonwealth Bank, underscoring the escalated competition’s effect on net interest margins, especially in the context of an uptick in distressed sales.
February 5, 2024

Aura Core Income Fund awarded ‘Very strong’ Investment Rating

By Scott Phillips

Private credit is increasingly capturing the attention of investors seeking regular income and capital stability, without the volatility or capital growth commonly associated with public equity or property markets. The Aura Core Income Fund, managed by our expert partner, Aura Credit Holdings, offers retail investors an opportunity to access private credit.
February 5, 2024

Boss Energy' share price rises amidst surging uranium price

By David Buckland

The price of uranium has jumped from U. S. $20/lb. in January 2018 to U. S. $40/lb in January 2022 to U. S. $90/lb in January 2024. Boss Energy (ASX: BOE), with its strategic market position and two significant projects, is poised to capitalise on this upward trajectory.
January 30, 2024

February 2024 reporting season calendar

By Roger Montgomery

As we delve into the February reporting season, investor focus shifts to company profits and identifies sectors and companies anticipating earnings growth. This period can be marked by volatility in share prices, contingent upon whether companies exceed or fall short of expectations.

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