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October 31, 2022

Three timeless lessons for long-term investing

By Roger Montgomery

With the market well off its highs, it’s a wonderful time to buy shares in high quality businesses at beaten-down prices. And as I make my purchasing decisions, I like to bear in mind a few timeless lessons to help me avoid common investment mistakes. Let me share them with you.
October 26, 2022

Australian Eagle’s risk management process

By David Buckland

The Montgomery team attended a presentation from Mark Oliver, Head of Risk, at Australian Eagle Asset Management on Thursday, and were very impressed with the institutional grade Investment and Risk Management process. To remind readers the Australian Eagle “Long-Only” Strategy which was launched in February 2005 has delivered a compound annual average return of 11.
October 20, 2022

What does the Australian Eagle team mean by quality?

By Roger Montgomery

  In this video Sean Sequeira joins me to discuss how we define quality for the companies held in The Montgomery Fund portfolio. Sean identifies the importance of quality when investing and how Australian Eagle Asset Management determine the quality of a business.
October 14, 2022

Which investors didn’t lose money in September?

By Roger Montgomery

  In this week’s video insight Roger identifies how credit income funds work and why most equity investors invest for the growth provided by growing businesses, and they also invest in cash, bonds or hybrids, looking for monthly income and returns that are uncorrelated with their equities and other assets.
October 7, 2022

Aura Group’s private credit track record

By Roger Montgomery

  In this video, Brett Craig and Roger Montgomery discuss why private credit has been the preserve of high-net-worth investors, and why the banks pulled away from lending small amounts over the short term to small and medium businesses.


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