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June 18, 2019

Finding value, the marginal return on capital

In assessing the value of a company, the market tends to focus almost exclusively on the outlook for earnings growth. While obviously important, this ignores other variables that are equally relevant in determining whether a stock represents a good investment from both a quality and a valuation perspective.
June 17, 2019

How we assess value

  In this week’s video insight Andreas shares our valuation framework for assessing a company. Our framework is based on the concept of intrinsic value, where we form a view of what a business is worth and then compare that valuation to what the market is prepared to pay.  How does our approach differ to other investors?
June 13, 2019

A closer look at distributions

By Dean Curnow

It is everyone’s favourite time of year, and for those not in financial services, I am not referring to the peak of winter, I am referring to 30 June. Across the Montgomery suite of strategies, some of our actively managed equity funds will look to pay a distribution come 30 June.


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