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June 30, 2023

The best time to invest in small caps is now

By Roger Montgomery

Fears of recession, a market correction and runaway inflation have caused small-cap stocks to materially underperform their large-cap cousins. Those same fears have led many investors asking how wise it is to invest in a small-cap fund now. But investors should remember the stock market is the only market where consumers zip up their wallets when prices are low.
June 29, 2023

Macquarie Technology Group – A small company that is in the cloud

By Michael Gollagher

For long term investors and followers of our Small Companies Fund (the Fund) you would be aware that one of the themes we have spoken about since the inception of the Fund is Cloud Computing. In recent weeks we have seen the market becoming quite excited about the prospect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its related industries.
June 27, 2023

A high-conviction long/short strategy for diversified returns and growth

By Roger Montgomery

Recently, Zenith Investment Partner published their fund report for the Australian Eagle Trust Long Short Fund (The Fund), reiterating their RECOMMENDED rating. With their updated rating for 2023 investors might be interested in The Fund’s features and benefits, commencing with its historical performance (Figure 1). Figure 1.
June 26, 2023

Aura Private Credit: Letter to investors 23 June 2023

By Brett Craig

The minutes from the June Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) meeting published last week revealed a more hotly contested meeting than the market anticipated, with the decision closely split between a hold or a 25 basis point hike.  ​The threat of further inflation outweighing the option to hold.
June 26, 2023

Unmasking the 'mortgage cliff': Are recession fears overblown?

By Roger Montgomery

With all the talk of recession, we’ve been exploring its probability. As investors, it’s vital to understand which sectors and individual companies are most and least impacted. And helping in that task is appreciating the consumer’s important canary-in-the-coal-mine role.
June 23, 2023

Beyond fundamentals: Outlook on digital payments

By Polen Capital

  In this video Dan Davidowitz, Portfolio Manager and Analyst for Polen’s Focus Growth strategy, shares his insights on the often-misunderstood world of digital payments. Can the Visa and MasterCard duopoly be disrupted? What interests you the most about the digital payments space from an investment perspective? There’s a lot to like about digital payments.
June 16, 2023

Aura Private Credit: Letter to investors 16 June 2023

By Brett Craig

The NAB Business Survey for the May reporting period has begun to demonstrate a significant slowing in activity and has identified widespread apprehension towards the future economic outlook. The survey results reported widespread weakening across most of the indicators, as high inflation and interest rates are now starting to limit growth and general market optimism.
June 9, 2023

Avita Medical receives FDA approval for full-thickness skin defects

By David Buckland

It has been 30 years in the making, when Dr Fiona Wood and scientist Marie Stoner recognised the potential of tissue engineering to treat burns and a skin culture facility was borne. Their product evolved from cultural sheets of cultural epithelial autograph (CEA) to aerosol delivered cell-clusters and today it is known as “spray-on skin”.
June 5, 2023

Aura Core Income Fund by Montgomery

By Roger Montgomery

For many Australian investors today, small steel fabricators can be just as interesting as BHP. Here’s why.   These Aussie businesses are not afraid of hard work. When customers need fabricated steel for residential and industrial construction, they don’t sit around talking, they start cutting and loading.    I love that.
June 5, 2023

Investing in Aussies who work as hard as you

By Roger Montgomery

Are you seeing these alarming headlines from global consultancies? Some making the big claim that Australia will soon ‘enter a consumer recession. ’ Really? It’s like they know better than actual Australian consumers.   From the indicators I see, Australians are buying and selling with terrific energy.


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