Investment Philosophy

We are investors. We are not speculators. We approach the stock market not as a venue for trading stocks - placing bets on prices moving up or down, but as a venue to purchase small pieces of businesses with the power to grow their worth over time.

Investing with Montgomery requires some rejection of conventional attitudes towards the stock market and short-term measurement. Our philosophy is appropriate for the patient investor.

A qualifying company should display superior economics, bright prospects, and be available for purchase below our estimate of its intrinsic value. Fortunately, the bipolar nature of the stock market ensures the reliable delivery of these opportunities to the patient investor.

If few or no attractive investment opportunities are available, we have the flexibility to protect your capital by moving a significant proportion of funds into the safety of cash. This is a feature rarely found among larger, more conventional fund managers, and one created especially for investors concerned more with the return of their money, rather than the return on their money.

Investment decisions are based on individual company merits and the price at which they are available for purchase or sale. Macroeconomics and tax play smaller roles in investment decision-making than the protection of capital from permanent impairment.

As a testament to our unwavering investment approach Montgomery was awarded Emerging Fund Manager of the Year at the 2016 Money Management and Lonsec Fund Manager of the Year Awards.

The Montgomery Commitment

Montgomery Investment Management is a boutique funds management firm based in Sydney, Australia. We are committed to generating satisfactory returns over the very long term, through the disciplined application of both an even temperament and a highly refined, consistent and repeatable investment framework.

We pride ourselves on the highest level of client communication, accessibility and a unique reputation for education.

Whether you're a professional adviser, a full-time, part-time or even first time investor, we are committed to being available to you at all times.

If you elect to proceed with an investment with Montgomery, I personally look forward to working for you.

Yours faithfully

Roger Montgomery