Instructions to redeem funds from the Aura Core Income Fund 

The Fund intends to offer monthly redemptions, known as a Limited Withdrawal Offer.

However, please note the Fund is defined as illiquid under the Corporations Act, and regular Limited Withdrawal Offers are not guaranteed and will be subject to the Fund having available liquid assets. The Fund will aim to hold some cash to meet monthly redemptions but there may be situations where limits to redemptions may apply. 

Each month, the Responsible Entity intends to offer investors a Limited Withdrawal Offer. During the withdrawal period, the Responsible Entity will accept withdrawal requests.

Investors will be required to submit the Withdrawal Request Form and have it signed by the authorised signatories on the account. The Withdrawal Request Form will be included in each Limited Withdrawal Offer.

Each Limited Withdrawal Offer will be available for acceptance for at least 21 days. You can find details of the withdrawal period on the Responsible Entity One Managed Investment Funds website:

Responsible Entity Website

If total redemption requests received are in excess of the amount of the Limited Withdrawal Offer, the requests will to be satisfied proportionately.

Any requests for withdrawal in response to a Limited Withdrawal Offer that are not wholly satisfied due to a scale back will remain valid for withdrawal in the next Limited Withdrawal Offer.

Withdrawal proceeds will be paid to your nominated bank account and generally by the 10th Business Day of the following month. However, the Responsible Entity has up to 21 days to pay withdrawal proceeds.

Please refer to Section 7 of the PDS for more information regarding Limited Withdrawal Offers. You can access the PDS here: Download the Aura Core Income PDS

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