Macquarie Telecom: the data centre business is a real growth engine


Founded 27 years ago, Macquarie Telecom (ASX:MAQ) is an Australian data centre, cloud, cyber security and telecom company for mid to large business and government customers. Gary recently spoke with Chief Executive Officer, David Tudehope to discuss business and the investments the company’s making to extend its growth horizon.

With guidance for profitability for the 2020 year re-affirmed at between $63-$66 million EBITDA, MAQ has had a strong track record of consistent profit growth.  MAQ has successfully expanded from a telco, to a supplier of critical technology and datacentre capability to Australian business and Government.

With the continued demand from Federal Government Agencies for cybersecurity and secure cloud has given the Government business great confidence in its future. Looking ahead, the company is focused on capturing the growing demand for Cloud delivered Technology by expanding investment in its data centre  assets in the hot Sydney market, taking its data centre footprint capacity there from 10 MW up to 43MW, a significant multi-million dollar investment that should drive growth for years to come.

The Macquarie story is a compelling tale of passionate people with the drive to make a difference and innovate.

“Macquarie focuses on customer experience. Our whole reason for being, our purpose, is to make a difference in markets that are underserved and overcharged. In the world of data centres, customers, because you’re taking their most valuable assets, the things you can do to support them in the night, on the weekends when their staff are not onsite and not available, makes all the difference. So, for us, we think customer experience is the standout and it’s the one that really generates the incentive for customers” David Tudehope

If you are interested in hearing more about Macquarie Telecom, Gary joined Chris Judd on Talk Ya Book to discuss the huge tailwinds working in the company’s favour: Macquarie Telecom – a sector exposed to huge tailwinds

The Montgomery Small Companies Fund own shares in Macquarie Telecom. This video was prepared 09 July with the information we have today, and our view may change. It does not constitute formal advice or professional investment advice. If you wish to trade Macquarie Telecom you should seek financial advice.


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