Banks have left a $240 billion gap, now savvy investors are seeing opportunity


Private credit used to be the domain of high net worth investors but that is all changing as nimble operators fill a gap in the market.There’s a $240 billion funding gap facing the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that employ 70 per cent of the population. SMEs play an essential role in the economy. However, changes to regulatory requirements are making it harder for them to access funding to help them innovate and grow.

Whilst this gap presents a challenge for businesses, it also creates opportunity for nimble operators to fill the void as traditional banks leave the SME market to focus on activities like residential mortgage lending.

“With the banks taking a step back from lending to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), a lot of Aussie businesses are forgoing growth and profitability because they can’t access debt. So, what we’re seeing is a number of focused SME lenders emerging which operate in different niches – and this market start to burgeon. The reality is you need that debt capital to get the lending businesses going and we’re here to provide that to the right lenders.“

I spoke with James Marlay from Livewire as part of their 2023 Income Series to share my views on the drivers for this income opportunity, how the current economic environment is impacting various sectors of the economy and where I am seeing opportunities to generate stable income.

Topics discussed

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:52 – The growth of private credit in Australia
  • 3:20 – Why the opportunity in private credit exists 
  • 4:40 – Economic outlook in Australia
  • 5:30 – The impact of higher rates on small and medium enterprises
  • 7:47 – Aura’s portfolio characteristics
  • 8:45 – How technology is enabling lending to small and medium enterprises
  • 9:42 – An overview of Aura’s two income funds
  • 10:59 – Competition in the lending market
  • 12:06 – Aura and Montgomery Investment Management

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