The future of ageing: Medtech solutions for a healthier tomorrow 

Explore the investment opportunities presented by high-quality, growth businesses poised to capitalise on the global, secular shift of an ageing population. 

Polen Capital’s International Growth team highlights the potential within the medtech sector driven by a rapidly ageing global demographic.

Key insights include: 

  • The global population is ageing rapidly, leading to extended lives, increased prevalence of chronic conditions requiring monitoring and treatment, and greater attention to health care generally. 
  • Due to this ageing dynamic, we see expanding needs for medtech (a combination of the medical and technology fields). 
  • Medtech applies organised technological knowledge to improve health care services’ quality, safety, effectiveness, and efficiency, impacting individuals from prevention to diagnosis to cure. 
  • We view this innovative merging of medicine and technology as a compelling long-term investment opportunity. 

“Societies are aging rapidly across the globe, creating robust demand for medical equipment and treatments to address the health needs of older people. The medtech industry is highly regulated and technologically complex, which helps drive consolidation and the dominance of a select group of highly profitable, scaled businesses.” ~ Daniel Fields, CFA Portfolio Manager & Analyst, Large Company Growth Team 

Download the full whitepaper here: The future of ageing: Medtech solutions for a healthier tomorrow 

The Polen Capital Global Growth Fund owns shares in Siemens Healthineers and ICON Plc. This article was prepared 17 June 2024 with the information we have today, and our view may change. Itdoes not constituteformal advice or professional investment advice. If you wish to trade Siemens Healthineers or ICON Plc, you should seek financial advice.   


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