Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the costs of using netwealth?

    netwealth offers a clear and simple pricing structure with no hidden costs. netwealth charges an administration fee, determined by the total balance of your superannuation. Transaction fees may apply when buying and selling investments, such as The Montgomery Fund. For more information please see the ‘Fees and other costs’ section of the Super Accelerator PDS.

  • 2. Is this Fund suitable for me?

    The Fund has a medium-term (2-5 years) objective suitable for wholesale clients seeking a reliable monthly income solution.

    Investment in the Fund can only be made by persons who are wholesale clients as defined in Section 761G and Section 761GA of the Corporations Act. View wholesale client definition

    The Fund is offered under an Information Memorandum and is an open-ended unit trust that is not registered with ASIC as a managed investment scheme.

  • 3. Can I invest my entire super balance into Montgomery funds?

    Yes. As long as you open a netwealth Super Accelerator Plus account and satisfy netwealth’s minimum cash requirement you can allocate your balance to Montgomery funds* (netwealth requires that a minimum of 1% or $500 be retained in cash in your account, up to a maximum of $5,000).

  • 4. What is the fund’s investment objective?

    The Polen Capital Global Small and Mid Cap Fund's objective is to outperform the MSCI ACWI SMID Cap Net Total Return Index, in Australian Dollars, over a rolling five-year period, net of fees. Returns are not guaranteed.

    Polen Capital believes that consistent earnings growth is the primary driver of intrinsic value growth and long-term stock price appreciation. Accordingly, efforts focus on identifying and investing in a concentrated portfolio of high-quality growth companies that can deliver sustainable, above average earnings growth. 

    Polen Capital invests in companies that have durable earnings profiles driven by sustainable competitive advantages, superior financial strength, proven management teams and leading products or services. Polen Capital believes such exceptional companies not only have the potential to contribute to outsized returns to the portfolio, but are also inherently less risky, as their greater earnings stability and financial strength offer a “margin of safety” that typically results in less volatility during declining markets. 

  • 5. Can I use netwealth for super contributions from my employer?

    Yes. netwealth's Super Accelerator Plus can receive contributions from your employer where you have elected choice.

  • 6. How does the fund deal with currency hedging?

    Polen Capital does not hedge currency risk, and the belief is this would add cost and complexity to the portfolio without materially reducing risk of capital loss. Polen’s expectations are that currency volatility is unlikely to be a material source of risk or return in the portfolio over a typical holding period. 

  • 7. Can I change my investments at any time?

    Yes, you can alter your investment portfolio at any time. This can be done online.

  • 8. Can I transfer my existing life, TPD (total and permanent disability) and/or income protection insurance cover from my existing Superannuation fund to netwealth?

    In the same way you are able to consolidate your super, you may be eligible to apply to transfer your existing life insurance cover to netwealth. Any transfer request will be subject to assessment by the underwriter. You can instruct netwealth to wait until you have been notified that the insurer has approved your insurance transfer request before proceeding with your rollover request.

*The purpose of this page is to provide general information about our funds management services and does not purport to give financial advice. The information provided is general in nature and does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. You should consider your own investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs before acting upon any information provided on this website or in email communications from Montgomery Investment Management and consider seeking advice from a licenced financial advisor if necessary. Investing involves the risk of capital loss. Not all investments are appropriate for all people.

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