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Aura High Yield SME Fund

Fund Established

August 2017


  • Reliable monthly income with a target return of 9%-12% p.a.
  • Delivered strong risk adjusted net monthly income on average 0.77 per cent p.a.
  • A diversified portfolio of online lenders who lend small amounts over the short term to thousands of SMEs
  • Inflation proof as returns are earned from the interest charged at a floating rate
  • Complement to existing client portfolios as the SME loan asset class has low volatility and a low correlation to equities and property
  • Unique opportunity as traditional lenders (e.g. banks) are focused on lending to large business customers, leaving a niche opportunity for clients to provide funding to SMEs and generate returns previously earned by traditional lenders
I am excited to commence the Distribution Partnership with Montgomery. We have spent a considerable amount of time with the team and are impressed with the client relationships that have been developed over the last decade, and the distribution capability within Montgomery. We look forward to providing a high-quality income solution to the Montgomery clients
Brett Craig
Portfolio Manager

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