Montaka Global Investments

Friday 29 January 2021

Since 2015, Montaka and Montgomery worked together to offer global equities funds, with Montaka managing the investments of the funds, and Montgomery providing client service and communication.

Montaka, including its principals and investors, agreed to acquire Montgomery’s ownership interest in the global business and take responsibility for all client service and communications commencing 1 March this year.

Importantly, everything related to the management of global investments will remain unchanged, including the investment team, philosophy and process. For global equity funds managed by Montaka Global, please find the links below:

Montaka Global Long Only Fund (Previously Montgomery Global Fund)

Montaka Global Long Only Equities Fund (ASX:MOGL) Previously Montgomery Global Equities Fund

Montaka Global Extension Fund (ASX:MKAX)

Montaka Global 130/30 Fund

Montaka Global Access Fund

Montaka Global Fund

Montaka Global Equities Fund

Montaka’s contact details can be found below:


Craig Morton  Matthew Briggs
Chief Financial Officer Investment Specialist
+61 2 7202 0099 +61 2 7202 0093
E: E:



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