Committed to delivering above benchmark returns over the very long term, Montgomery Investment Management combines twelve decades of experience, and unique business and investing insights, with a focused approach to selecting quality domestic and global companies. Investors benefit from an emphasis on transparency and communication, and a dedication to long-term relationships.

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How We Invest

Montgomery invests in high-quality domestic and global businesses, not stocks.  

Companies not stocks

Our disciplined investment philosophy begins by identifying quality listed companies that have a better chance of winning over the long term.

We don’t treat listed companies as stocks. Instead, we see them as businesses we would consider investing in ourselves and carefully scrutinise their fundamentals and prospects. Each investee company must convince us that it has the power to grow its worth over time.

Focused on value

We also search for value – that is, quality businesses that may be overlooked by others and which are trading at what we believe is below their intrinsic value. That means they have less chance of a permanent loss of capital.

But even if a high-quality business has good prospects, we may not invest in it. That’s because we build concentrated portfolios that only include our very best ideas. And if we can’t find a great idea, we will stay in cash.

Unlike most other fund managers, we are free to hold relatively high levels of cash, depending on the fund. This means we can move more into cash when we believe markets are overvalued and the opportunity set is limited.

Flexible and long-term

Unlike other managers, too, our investment decisions are not swayed by market noise.

Nor do we buy shares just because they make up an index. Assuming accepted liquidity, we invest wherever we find good ideas, irrespective of whether it’s a small, mid or large cap company. Our strategy can be adopted as a stand-alone investment option or combined with that of other investment managers to complement their styles or investment methodology.

Finally, we don’t believe in taking excessive risks and are strongly focused on preserving your capital.

We never forget how hard you may have worked for it.

Why Choose Us?

Our common-sense value investment
approach has stood the test of time

We only invest in the best ideas
are free to stay in cash.

We invest in small, mid and large cap
stocks, a broad universe of equity
securities with no capitalisation constraints.

We invest our own money in our funds,
so our interests are aligned with yours.

We offer exceptional market education
and client communication.

We are dedicated to being
to clients at all times.

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