A unique, focused approach.

Entirely dedicated to outcomes for our investors, the office of Montgomery Investment Management combines twelve decades of experience, and unique business and investing insights, with a focused approach to selecting quality domestic and global companies.

Having delivered a superior track record of returns and capital preservation, investors also benefit from an emphasis on transparency and communication, and a dedication to long‐term relationships.

Montgomery is owned by its staff who are also investors in the funds.

Emerging Fund Manager of the Year
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ROGER MONTGOMERY Chairman and Chief Investment Officer


Domestic Funds >

The Montgomery Fund

Investing in shares of Australian and New Zealand businesses with a minimum of $25,000 to invest.

Montgomery [Private] Fund

A wholesale Australian equities fund with a $1,000,000 minimum initial investment. Entry is by invitation or referral only.

Global Funds >

Montgomery Global Fund

Investing in global growth and income opportunities with a minimum of $25,000 to invest.

Montaka Global Access Fund

The Montaka Global Access Fund invests in the wholesale-only Montaka Global Fund. Minimum initial investment of $50,000.

Montaka Global Fund

Montaka is an absolute return fund with a $1,000,000 minimum initial investment. Entry is by invitation or referral only.

Most Recent Unit Price

This is a forward pricing fund, the price you receive is based on close of market prices.

The Montgomery Fund
Buy 1.4611
Redeem 1.4538
Mid 1.4575
Montgomery [Private] Fund
Buy 1.3055
Redeem 1.299
Mid 1.3022
Montgomery Global Fund
Buy 1.0346
Redeem 1.0294
Mid 1.032
Montaka Global Access Fund
Buy 0.9499
Redeem 0.9499
Mid 0.9499