IN 2023

Access to a concentrated portfolio of outstanding
emerging markets businesses
with competitive
advantages and the potential for sustained

superior growth.



Polen’s Global Emerging Markets Growth strategy seeks to achieve long-term growth by building a concentrated portfolio of competitively advantaged emerging markets businesses. Polen Capital (Polen) believe that consistent earnings growth is the primary driver of intrinsic value and long-term stock appreciation. Polen invests in companies they identify as having a durable earnings profile driven by a sustainable competitive advantage, financial strength, proven management teams and powerful products/services. By thinking and investing like a business owner and taking a long-term investment approach, Polen believe that clients will best benefit from steady compounding returns generated by the companies held in the portfolio. 

Montgomery is investigating the most effective method of offering the Polen Capital Global Emerging Markets Growth Strategy to Australian investors, and we hope to have more news on this later in 2023.


Fund Profile

Number of holdings 25-40
Style Growth
Benchmark MSCI Emerging Markets Index

Investment Manager

Montgomery Investment Management has partnered with Polen Capital to manage the investment management function.

Sub Investment Manager: Polen Capital UK LLP

Founded in 1979, U.S. based Polen Capital is a high-conviction growth investment manager. The firm’s established team manages US$55 billion as of December 2022 in total assets and their longest-running flagship investment strategy has delivered on average double digit annual returns for more than 30 years.

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Investment Team

Polen Capital has been dedicated to serving investors by providing concentrated portfolios of what they believe to be the highest quality companies for more than three decades. Polen is passionate about its mission to protect and grow its clients’ capital while identifying unique opportunities to access, and invest in, some of the most sustainable businesses worldwide.

Polen has a culture of making a meaningful difference in the lives of investors entrusting the firm with their financial well-being.

Damian Bird is the Head of the Emerging Markets Growth team and lead portfolio manager of the Emerging Markets Growth strategy, based in London and is supported by two research analysts.

Meet our people

Damian Bird

Head of Team, Portfolio Manager & Analyst
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Dafydd Lewis

Portfolio Manager & Analyst
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November 17, 2022

Quality’s performance across the business cycle

By Polen Capital

Quality stocks have been shown in studies to have robust historical performances. 1 This analysis takes a deeper look into the Quality factor’s performance by breaking out its history into the four stages of the business cycle: Early, Mid, Late, and Recession.
October 7, 2022

Know what you own: stocks vs. businesses

By Polen Capital

Successful business owners are often said to be able to feel the pulse of the companies they lead. For instance, great restaurateurs know what dishes are most popular on the menu, who their regular patrons are, when suppliers will deliver fresh ingredients, and how much revenue is needed to cover basic expenses such as salaries and rent.
July 21, 2022

Investing in the age of transformation

By Polen Capital

Over the past two years, the evolution of the pandemic has been the leading force dictating the path of the global recovery. Despite the many challenges still present, Polen Capital believe that several secular trends that were already in motion before COVID-19 will continue to shape the world around us and play an important role in defining tomorrow’s leading businesses. In this whitepaper, Polen Capital look at what they view as some of the most important secular growth themes that may reshape the world over the next decade.


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