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22 Sep 2016

When low fees can only guarantee you low returns

In this column published in the Herald Sun, Andrew discusses passive versus active management. Passive funds are typically much lower cost and their returns have outperformed over recent years. So what’s not to like?

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17 Sep 2016

Alternative strategies: a short story

Buy low. Sell high. That’s all there is to investing, right? In this column published in The Australian, Roger discusses some alternative investment strategies

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08 Sep 2016

Kick goals at Foot Locker

In this column published in the Herald Sun, Andrew discusses Foot Locker's results during their second fiscal quarter of 2016.

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03 Sep 2016

Reporting season unearths three outright winners

In this column published in The Australian, Roger highlights three listed companies that reported pleasing results.

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25 Aug 2016

Finding exciting opportunities in today's market

In this thematic discussion, Matthew Kidman from Centennial Funds hosts Steve Johnson from Forager Funds and Stuart Jackson from Montgomery Investment Management as they discuss the increasingly difficult hunt for value and outline two stocks they think still look attractive.

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21 Aug 2016

Don’t count on rates staying lower for longer

In this column published in The Australian, Roger warns of the danger for investors who are stampeding into stocks that pay big dividends and retain little or nothing for growth.

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19 Aug 2016

Your Money Your Call

In these highlights from Your Money Your Call, Roger Montgomery speaks with Mark Todd from the NAB.

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11 Aug 2016

Quick price growth a challenge for the Seven stable

In this column published in the Herald Sun, Andrew discusses Seven Group Holdings assets. 

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06 Aug 2016

Investors beware and don't get used to these low interest rates

In this column Roger comments that investors in shares, property and other high priced assets can, at best, expect only low returns.  At worst, violent volatility will accompany those low returns. Low interest rates aren’t normal and they aren’t permanent so don’t get used to them. 

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04 Aug 2016

Reporting Season

In this interview with Peter Switzer, Roger Montgomery joins Switzer TV to discuss the current reporting season and expectations for this year.

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