Brett Craig introduces private credit
and the Aura Core Income Fund
Tuesday 11 October 2022


Live Webinar

Brett Craig will join Roger Montgomery to introduce private credit as an investment opportunity. Private credit is an asset class of typically privately negotiated loans and debt financing from non-bank lenders. In partnership with Aura Credit Holdings, Montgomery will offer clients access to the Aura Core Income Fund which aims to deliver stable monthly income with a minimum investment of $25,000. The Fund extends to retail investors access to small and medium enterprise loans that were once only available to sophisticated and high net worth investors.

There will be an opportunity to ask the team questions about the Fund during the webinar.
A recording of the presentation will be sent to all registered participants.

Date: Tuesday 11 October 2022

Time: 6pm - 7pm AEST (allowing time for Q&A)

Learn more about Montgomery’s partnership with Aura Group and Brett Craig in this series of videos.
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