The Montgomery team are regularly called upon to write and comment for major newspapers and websites, news channels and radio stations, including the Australian Financial ReviewThe Australian and the ABC. Click any of the links below to read or watch the team's investing insights.

10 Feb 2017

Be wary as furniture, appliances cycle heads for spin

In this article published in the Herald Sun, Roger explains why it is a cyclical business for retailers of household appliances and furniture. He also discusses the threat of Amazon.

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02 Feb 2017

Second-level thinking on Australian banks

In this article for Cuffelinks, Roger considers the cyclical headwinds that may challenge the widely-held view that banks are the place to invest.

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12 Jan 2017

Take a long-term view for investing in uncertain world

In this article published in the Herald Sun, Andrew Macken explains that despite the challenges and unpredictability, in the long run it is best to be invested in equities. 

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09 Jan 2017

Property not the answer for passive

Jamie Williamson wrote an article in the Financial Standard about Montgomery's recent Whitepaper that warns investors in property and stocks of the looming threat of inferior returns. 

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16 Dec 2016

Montgomery global funds both receive ‘Recommended’ Zenith rating

Professional Planner published an article announcing that Zenith Investment Partners has initiated coverage of the Montgomery global range of funds and awarded each a ‘Recommended’ rating.

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24 Nov 2016

So bond rates are not ‘lower for longer’

In this article for Cuffelinks, Roger discusses quantitative easing and why long bond rates cannot stay low forever.

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22 Nov 2016

Rising bond rates spell bad news for assets

In this article published in The Australian, Roger discusses bond rates, interest rates and debt in Australia.

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15 Nov 2016

Always pays to take a healthy look at future

In this article published in The Australian, Roger discusses elevated valuations and Healthscope’s share price. 

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03 Nov 2016

Great Australian dream growing faster than our budgets

In this column published in the Herald Sun, Roger calls a short sell on Australian residential apartments.

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29 Oct 2016

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy

In this article published in The Australian, Roger discusses the downturn in Perth and four signs that point towards a financial crisis

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